Songbirding Under 5kHz
September 12, 2019

Preview: Songbirding Under 5kHz

Experience birding by ear in this relaxed-pace acoustic exploration of bird habitats in the Great Lakes region. Coming in October 2019.

This version of Songbirding is modified for listeners with high-frequency hearing loss. All sounds above 5kHz have been transposed down one octave.

Excerpts from (in order of appearance in episode):

  • Episode 5, "The Juniper Flats, Part 1" along the Bruce Trail near Dyer's Bay, Ontario. Recorded July 18, 2019.
  • Episode 4, "Lindsay Tract" at the Lindsay Tract Trail near Lion's Head, Ontario. Recorded July 17, 2019.
  • Episode 10, "MTB Adventure Park" at the Mountain Bike Adventure Park near Wiarton, Ontario. Recorded July 19, 2019.
  • Episode 2, "Otter Lake, Part 2" along the Bruce Trail near Cape Chin North, Ontario. Recorded July 17, 2019.


Recorded, engineered, narrated and created by Rob Porter.

Creative Commons music by Scott Buckley.

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